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IMPROmptu - Improvisations on compositions by Fr. Chopin

IMPROmptu - Improvisations on compositions by Fr. Chopin

Marcin Zdunik – cello
Aleksander Dębicz – piano

This unusual programme consists of improvised miniatures, each of which refers to different composition by Fryderyk Chopin. The performers recall the phenomenon of the Romantic era, in which concerts were not as formal as today: the audience was allowed to react spontaneously and hold discussions between performances that involved artists as well. Such atmosphere fostered creativity and – as a result – led to creating well-structured compositions that very often were as valuable as the ones available in writing.

Julian Fontana, Fryderyk Chopin’s student and friend, very enthusiastically recalled improvised performances of his master. Fránz Liszt, Johannes Brahms, as well as Fryderyk Chopin, improvised also in duos, presenting the instruments’ dialogues. Thanks to Marcin Zdunik and Aleksader Dębicz we can experience this practice also today.